What is HushAndDo?

HushAndDo is more than motivation.  It’s an inward journey of self-reflection that asks our hearts and emotions critical questions about ourselves and our behavior.  It’s easy to talk about our goals and intentions, but it requires something deeper to realize those goals and intentions and follow through. 

It demands three critical components:


Our Mission

  • To help people move forward in launching, executing, and completing their goals through the inward journey of self-examination and transparency. 
  • Rooted in a commitment to community and service, we position people to discover and cherish their strengths and gifts and use them to passionately contribute to the betterment of society. 

Our Story

HushAndDo began January 1, 2017, initially as a clever hashtag on social media in response to frequent social media posts declaring intentions for the new year.  Frustrated with the incongruity of talking versus action, Jay T. kept using the hashtag in order to raise awareness and push people to examine themselves and their motives.  The hashtag became popular and was soon used by many in his social circle in Cleveland, Ohio.  The name alone made quite a statement.  In late spring of 2017, to raise further awareness of the need to talk less and do more, the #HushAndDo hashtag was printed onto T-shirts which sold out as fast as they were produced.  Now, people could wear the HushAndDo T-shirt as a badge of honor and accountability – to remain focused on one’s goals and to make moves in silence.

The movement didn’t end there.  It was just beginning. The statement of HushAndDo, though impactful, it called for an inward work of the heart.  This prompted Jay T. to take a deep and critical look at his own life.  There he began to identify and confront emotional wounds from his past.  Desperate for personal transformation and change, he embraced transparency and began his own inward journey of self-examination.  He quickly discovered that #HushAndDo was far more than a creative hashtag, but a message, based out of his own wounds, shortcomings, and life experiences, that needed to be shared with others.  That fall, Jay T. began to write his story with incredible honesty and full disclosure, admitting that his desire for attention was greater than his desire for success and goal accomplishment. 

Careful research in social psychology, behavioral psychology, and theology, paired with life experience and personal testimony, birthed the message of HushAndDo.  After the culmination of two years of social media campaigns, T-shirts, hoodies, and study, Jay T. released his first book, Hush And Do on April 13, 2019.  He and his team now work tirelessly and creatively, to spread the message and inward work of HushAndDo.

Founder & CEO

Jay T. Hairston II

Jay T. Hairston II is an international recording gospel music artist, author, speaker, worship leader, choir director, musician, and Lead Pastor of The Collide Church. He’s a compassionate and versatile servant leader who listens, engages, and supports others in their quests for healing, personal transformation, and spiritual development. With an ability to speak to diverse audiences, Jay T. presents a well-balanced approach to service in the 21st century that equally engages all ages, ethnicities, and genders, across various levels of education and socioeconomic status. He is the current director of the Baldwin Wallace University Voices of Praise (VOP) Gospel Choir in Berea, Ohio.  He graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a minor in Psychology. He then earned his Master of Divinity with a concentration in Black Church Studies from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio. He has recently released his first book titled, Hush And Do, a journey of introspection that helps its readers transition from mere talk to action. It is birthed from HushAndDo; a movement to promote achievement and success by simply talking less and focusing on doing the work that achievement demands. Jay T. is happily married to Christine Marie Hairston with two children, Brooklyn and Bailey. He is a dynamic young man full of the Word, excitement, energy, and the Holy Spirit, committed to competency, character, calling, and community.